About Data Center

In most of the cities, our life relies on the functioning and availability of one or multiple data centers. It is not an overstatement. Most of the things in every segment of human activity such as energy, lighting, telecommunications, internet, transport, urban traffic, banks, security systems, public health, entertainment and even our physical integrity are controlled by data centers. In brief, the welfare and security of billions of human beings are passed on to these centers of control and supervision of data and information.

As is the case with all things’ technology, data centers are currently undergoing a significant transition, and the data center of tomorrow will look significantly different from the one most organizations are familiar with today.

What is Data Center?

Data centres deliver faultless service and financial results in a world of rapidly changing technologies, business pressures and environmental expectations. To achieve this, data centres need highly capable leaders and managers – individuals who are capable of dealing with business complexity and technological change with the knowledge and skills to ensure their teams deliver against consistently challenging objectives.

Holistic view of how all your data centers are performing

  • Consolidation
  • Migration
  • Transformation
  • Virtualization

Why Data Center Solution With Arsenal?

We specialize in the core components of the data center environment — racks and enclosures, power distribution units, auto transfer switches, console servers, KVM switches, rackmount LCD console, environmental monitoring systems, and more. We also offer a wide range of networking, connectivity and digital signage products, as well as servers, NAS storage devices, and LTO drives and media.

Why Data Center?

  • Uninterruptible power supply with battery backup and generators in case of power cuts
  • Redundant servers and storage with failover provisions at hardware and software levels
  • Sufficient air conditioning for all of the equipment being operated in the data center
  • Smoke, fire, humidity and flood detection, including underneath data center raised floors

Benefits Of Data Center

  • Colocation - It allows retailers to move their critical and sensitive data to a remote location, more commonly housed at a world-class data center.
  • Increased Reliability - Data Center Systems can provide a much higher guarantee for reliability and network availability.
  • Instant Scalability - It can instantly handle the changes in web traffic and engagement to need the needs of the business
  • Always On Support - It offers 24/7 support to customers including through chat, phone and remote monitoring platforms.