About Server Management

As businesses grow, their IT needs to grow with them and evolve. For a small business, it’s often enough to start out with a single server; in many cases, a workstation can double as one at first. But as they grow and add to their customer base, the demand on that workstation becomes greater, and the need for one or even more dedicated servers arise.

Server management, an essential activity for data center administrators, is a challenging topic. This is because the term server management can be used to refer to managing physical server hardware, virtual machines or many types of application servers and database servers. All of these need to be managed – constantly.

At its core, server management is about having control or access to a physical, virtual or application server to perform different types of administrative or maintenance operations. Server management also involves server monitoring and visibility into how a given server is operating to help improve and optimize performance.

Basic fundamentals of Server Management

  • Access - It needs to be able to access the server it is trying to manage
  • Updates - Ability to help to start and install software or, firmware updates
  • Setup - The ability to set up new software, add-ons or functionality
  • Optimization - Provide optimization capabilities to improve server efficiency and overall operations
  • Capacity Planning - Provides a forecast of server utilization, helping administrators to plan for when additional resources will be required
  • Alerting - The ability to alert an administrator, via email, SMS, slack or some another messaging system to different errors and incidents

Server Management With Arsenal

Arsenal Server Management Solution is designed to proactively maintain servers by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, management, unlimited remediation, helpdesk and emergency support. All fully managed services are designed to reduce the likelihood and impact of an unwanted technology failure, while resolving any identified issues, for a fixed monthly price.

Benefits Of Server Management

  • Monitoring – Your hardware gets monitored so that small issues are caught and corrected before they become big problems. We implement scheduled preventative maintenance to more effectively conduct advanced performance monitoring, key application maintenance and OS & 3rd party patch management.
  • Optimisation – Your equipment gets the attention it needs to perform at its best. Management technicians examine your servers and find ways to increase performance to keep your customers delighted with your service whether you’re at one location or have several branches.
  • Security – Server management teams are responsible for keeping your systems secure. They keep the bad guys out by implementing managed anti-virus software and monitoring. You should be able to trust a good server management team so that your customers can trust you. Advanced Technology also supplies a managed backup of your servers at regular intervals so none of your important data is lost in case of an emergency.
  • Cost – One of the greatest benefits of contracting Advanced Technology for your server management duties is cost. You no longer have to worry about maintaining a large staff. A good server management provider will charge a fair price, and for that you’ll get a number of techs available to handle your needs any time, day or night.