About Storage Management

Storage management is a process used to optimize the use of storage devices and to protect the integrity of data for any media on which it resides. Storage management involves a certain degree of trust. Users entrust us with the safekeeping of their data. They trust that they will be able to access their data reliably in acceptable periods of time. They trust that, when they retrieve it, it will be in the same state and condition as it was when they last stored it.

Storage management can also help improve a data center’s performance. For example, compression and technology can enable faster I/Os, and automatic storage provisioning can speed the process of assigning storage resources to various applications.

Why Storage Management?

  • Capacity - Optimizing the use of storage devices translates into making sure the maximum amount of usable data is written to and read from these units at an acceptable rate of response.
  • Performance - It ensure there is an adequate amount of storage space available while guarding against having expensive excess amounts.
  • Reliability - Protecting the integrity of data means that the data will always be accessible to those authorized to it and that it will not be changed unless the authorized owner specifically intends for it to be changed.
  • Recoverability - It implies that the data inadvertently become inaccessible or destroyed, reliable backup copies will enable its complete recovery.

Storage Management With Arsenal

Arsenal Storage Management Techniques make it possible to reassign storage capacity quickly as business needs change, reducing wasted space and improving a company’s ability to respond to evolving market conditions, also reduces overall storage operating costs.